Meet Mentor Michael Lue

I am a Software Engineer working in the land of Wood and Water, where the sun doesn’t stop shining and reggae never stops playing.

How did it happen?

I started studying Electronics Engineering at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. While doing my thesis on Wireless Charging, from the initial stages of design to the implementation and testing phase, I begun to realize how much I disliked working with hardware, thus beginning my transition to software.

What do I like about software development?

Learning never stops, whether it be on the go, while I am sleeping or even when I am taking a shower, the numerous approaches there are to consider and to take in order to solve a problem as well as designing and implementing solutions to the issue is quite intriguing and astounding.

What are things I like and dislike?

There is only one thing i dislike with a passion and that is mosquitoes, they’re quite annoying. The things I like, however, are coding and fried chicken.

Palisadoes Accepted into Google Season of Docs

Santa Clara, CA – April 14, 2022 The Palisadoes Foundation has been accepted into the 2022 Google Season of Docs (GSoD) program.

GSoD is an annual program organized by Google. Its goal is to bring technical writers and open source organizations together to foster collaboration and improvement of documentation in the Open Source space.

This initiative is extremely important because the documentation of an Open Source project provides an avenue for users to not only understand the project but also make contributions to it.

During the program, accepted technical writers spend between 3-5 months either building a new doc set, improving the structure of the existing docs, developing a much-needed tutorial, or improving the contribution processes and guides of an Open Source organization. It gives professional technical writers an opportunity to gain experience in open source.

  • Providing funds to open source organizations to use for documentation projects
  • Providing guides and support for open source organizations to help them understand their documentation needs
  • Collecting data from open source organizations to better understand documentation impact
  • Publishing case studies from open source organizations to share best practices

Season of Docs seeks to empower open source organizations to understand their documentation needs, to create documentation to fill those needs, to measure the effect and impact of their documentation, and, in the spirit of open source, share what they’ve learned to help guide other projects. Season of Docs seeks to bring more technical writers into open source through funding their work with open source projects and organizations.

This is excellent news for Palisadoes. It validates our mission of creating viable open source projects to aid community organizations like ourselves service their communities better. Our Talawa projects will benefit immensely and we are excited to get our software projects recognized in this new and meaningful way.

Peter Harrison, President, The Palisadoes Foundation

The Palisadoes Foundation will start evaluating GSoD candidates immediately and hopes to hire two persons in 2022.

About Palisadoes

Since 2016, The Palisadoes Foundation has been assisting STEM students to become globally competitive in software engineering.

The Foundation promotes software engineering education internships for university students in under-served communities. Over 40 students have participated in its summer programs mentored by IT professionals.

The demographic focus is on Black, Brown, Latinx and indigenous groups. The geographic focus is on the North American and the Caribbean regions.

Palisadoes has participated in the annual Google Summer of Code, the GitHub Externship, and the DigitalOcean Hacktoberfest programs.

Meet Mentor Brandon Chung

Brandon Chung is a Software Developer experienced in working with Flutter, Vue, SpringBoot, and other programming languages and frameworks. Brandon specializes in Web and Mobile App development, and has had a hand in developing a number of personal and enterprise grade applications. Brandon has held positions of student leadership at the University of Technology, most notably as the Student Chair of the IEEE UTech Student Branch. In his spare time, Brandon enjoys tutoring others in Software Development and playing video games.

Brandon volunteered for the first time with with the Palisadoes foundation in 2021 as a Google Summer of Code mentor.