Meet Saumya Singh

Saumya is one of our 2021 GitHub Externship students working on our Talawa project. She started formal coding with the Externship in June and has been collaborating with other students and mentors on her various GitHub pull requests.

Welcome Saumya!

Namaste, I am Saumya Singh an ordinary girl with a bag full of extraordinary dreams to learn, explore, be happy & achieve a lot more.

Technically, I enjoy working in the field of Web Development. I strive to be a better Web Developer daily. Mainly working on the front end and aiming to be a Full Stack developer. Besides, I am curious about Machine Learning and I deep dive into the world of Computer Vision. I have participated in various National level hackathons and I am part of the Women’s community in tech too. I am blessed that my team is a grand finalist of the National level technical event Toycathon‚Äô2021, and have also applied for a patent in the same project.

I am an avid book reader. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is one of the best novels I have read, I also like reading Dan Brown novels. Writing soothes my soul, I have a domain on WordPress where I express my thought at times. Swimming, dancing, and sometimes talking to plants (ūüė¨) gives me joy. When I am working, learning, or coding, I like to listen to Jazz.

I believe ‚ÄúLife is Learning & Learning is Life‚ÄĚ when anyone lives by this motto, they have the curiosity to look forward to something and a vision to learn new things with a positive attitude.

Keep Smiling.

Thank you

Meet Yasharth Dubey

Yasharth is one of our 2021 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) students working on our Talawa project. He started participating in March, and was formally accepted as a GSoC student in May. He has been collaborating with other students and mentors on his various GitHub pull requests.

Welcome Yasharth!

Hey guys, I am Yasharth Dubey. A 2nd-year Computer Science Student from India, I am currently pursuing my bachelors from the Indian Institute of Information technology Dharwad. I am a competitive programmer along with a developer. I am a regional finalist in ICPC 2019, 6:star: on Codechef and Pink Band Candidate master on code forces. I am a very keen contributor to open-source programs. This interest in the opensource brought me to the GSoC as it Is the Olympics for opensource. I searched for some familiar Tech-stacks and while I was searching, I found The Palisadoes Foundation there. The thing which took my attention as it was the only foundation that has put the label of Social Good in the description. That zeal for social good brought me here. After finding the culture and nature of every mentor here I was happy to choose The Palisadoes Foundation for my GSoC journey. Hope I will be able to contribute in the future as well. Thanks to Peter Harrison Sir for allowing us to serve the social good by this organization’s motive.