Meet Eshaan Aggarwal

Eshaan is one of our 2023 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) participants working on our Talawa projects. He started participating earlier this year, and was formally accepted as a GSoC participant in May. He has been collaborating with other participants and mentors on his various GitHub pull requests

Welcome Eshaan!

Hi! I am Eshaan Aggarwal, the developer-next-door from India. I am in my pre-final year and am pursuing B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT BHU (Varanasi). I have always been passionate about technology, for it is the tool that helps to bridge the gap between imagination and reality! When I’m not nerd-ing out about Vue, you can probably find me vibing to Spotify on my headphones that I never leave behind. I love desserts, blurry pictures, sweatshirts, and smiles!

My father always said that success lies in addressing small, overlooked issues ordinary individuals face. He emphasized that by solving problems so ingrained in people’s lives that they no longer consider them problematic, one can create a product that resonates with the masses. This philosophy has become the guiding principle of my aspirations. The Talawa project aligns perfectly with this virtue, for we aim to solve a simple problem: letting communities manage and organize themselves in an intuitive manner! This project could reform all communities, irrespective of their size or technological know-how!

Also, this bio would certainly be incomplete without mentioning my love for Open Source! Ever since my freshman year, I have been lucky enough to be a member of multiple open-source communities, and the learnings that I have gained from them (both technical and interpersonal) are something that forms the backbone of my personality. The inclusivity and the willingness to help others learn is something that even today feels too good to be true!