Meet Nitya Pasrija

Nitya is one of our 2023 Outreschy participants working on our Talawa projects. She started participating earlier this year, and was formally accepted as an Outreachy participant in May. She has been collaborating with other participants and mentors on his various GitHub pull requests.

Welcome Nitya!

I am an enthusiastic individual currently pursuing studies at IGDTUW, with a strong inclination towards open-source projects and a passion for collaborating with like-minded individuals. Apart from my academic pursuits, I find joy in basketball, design, and music, which provide me with a well-rounded perspective on life.

In my journey, Talawa has played a transformative role, making a significant difference in my life. It has become a cornerstone for my professional growth, offering a unique space where I can thrive and contribute. More than just a platform, Talawa has given me the chance to engage with a diverse range of perspectives and ideas, further fueling my passion for open-source projects and motivating me to push boundaries. It has empowered me to make a positive impact and inspired me to continue exploring the endless possibilities 🙂