Meet Shaik Mahammad Nabi Azad

Shaik is one of our 2024 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) participants working on our Talawa projects. He started participating earlier this year, and was formally accepted as a GSoC participant in May. He has been collaborating with other participants and mentors on his various GitHub pull requests.

Welcome Shaik!

Hi! I am Shaik Mahammad Nabi Azad, a third-year student of computer science at Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies in Andhra Pradesh, and I am having a great time. I’m excited to get started on the GSoC 2024 project, “Talawa Mobile Offline Capability Enhancement”!

Alright, let me to briefly introduce myself. You know, I’ve always been a huge tech fan. Like, how in the world do these 100-200 MB software programs manage to fix millions of people’s issues every single day? That question really sparked my interest in coding and other things.

I experimented with learning many programming languages in an attempt to comprehend the mysteries underlying these incredible apps. But hey, what do you know? Nothing made sense to me until I discovered open-source software. Open source really amazed me! It’s this global community of people working together to create useful products that are accessible to all.

For me, diving into open source went beyond just learning to code. It was similar to discovering an entirely new realm of collaboration and problem-solving. And so here I am, launching into the Talawa project and prepared to takle any constructive problems that may arise.

I really think that everybody with coding skills need to experiment with open source and Talawa is a great place to start. You won’t want to leave once you experience that collaborative vibe, I promise. It resembles an intense, never-ending creative and collaborative roller coaster!