Meet Our GitHub Externship Students

We are pleased to announce the GitHub Externship students who will be working with the Palisadoes Foundation this summer.

The GitHub Externship is a 90-day fellowship program for third or pre-final year students of GitHub Campus Partner schools. The GitHub Externship program is about learning, preparing students to be market ready, strengthening industry-academia relation, and giving practical experience to students. This program aims to provide innovative solutions to the partner organizations on their existing challenges as well as helping organization identify real talent that can be employed by the organizations at later stages.

We are grateful to GitHub for the opportunity to allow us to continue our work on Talawa, our mobile app that helps community organizations manage their membership.

Enough talk, let’s learn about the awardees!

Aditya Birangal

I’m Aditya Birangal from Pune, India leading the Google Developer Student Club to help students grow their knowledge to be better developers & build solutions for local businesses and their community.

I’m extremely passionate about Technology. I’m a #SelfTaught developer and makes Android, iOS & Web Apps using #Flutter & deploy them on #Cloud. I spend a lot of my time in learning, innovating & developing new tech stuff.

Favorite Quote: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Steve Jobs

Follow Aditya on: Linkedin, Github or his Portfolio Website

Aditya has been collaborating with other students and mentors on his various GitHub pull requests.

Muskan Modi

Hello! My name is Muskan Modi and I am an active open source contributor. I love dogs 🙂 and enjoy contributing to the exciting technological advances.

I have worked in almost every technical field from Cloud Computing, DevOps to Big Data and Machine Learning. I am a final year student at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India. Since my childhood, I have always been eager to learn something new whether it is skating, painting, or coding.

With the Palisadoes Foundation it feels like every day we are learning something new. Happy open source contributing!

Muskan has been collaborating with other students and mentors on her various GitHub pull requests.

Saumya Singh

Namaste, I am Saumya Singh an ordinary girl with a bag full of extraordinary dreams to learn, explore, be happy & achieve a lot more.

Technically, I enjoy working in the field of Web Development. I strive to be a better Web Developer daily. Mainly working on the front end and aiming to be a Full Stack developer. Besides, I am curious about Machine Learning and deep dive into the world of Computer Vision. I have participated in various National level hackathons and I am part of the Women’s community in tech too. I am blessed that my team is a grand finalist of the National level technical event Toycathon’2021, and have also applied for a patent in the same project.

I am an avid book reader The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is one of the best novels I have read, I also like reading Dan Brown novels. Writing soothes my soul, I have a domain on WordPress where I express my thought at times. Swimming, dancing, and sometimes talking to plant (😬) gives me joy. When I am working, learning, or coding, I like to listen to Jazz.

I believe “Life is Learning & Learning is Life” when anyone lives by this motto, they have the curiosity to look forward to something and a vision to learn new things with a positive attitude.

Let’s connect here: LinkedIn , GitHub

Keep Smiling. Thank you.

Saumya has been collaborating with other students and mentors on her various GitHub pull requests.

Talawa Mobile App Redesign 2021

See the new look of our Talawa mobile app!

​Talawa was created to help community based organizations collaborate with their membership. These organizations would include religious groups, non-profit charities, social groups and in limited cases, businesses. ​

Though software applications exist for these types of organizations they assume their memberships are fully literate and have access to email. We wanted to create a system that would work for countries with similar technology and education challenges as Jamaica. ​

Talawa has three main components. A mobile application with social media features, a web based portal to be used by the organization’s administrative team, and finally an API providing access to data and features. ​​

The Palisadoes Foundation wants to eventually host Talawa as a cloud service to help finance its education outreach. ​

Talawa’s main features for 2021 include: ​

  • User news feed
  • Event calendars with lightweight project management
  • Group chats
  • Member notifications
  • Donation acceptance
  • Service provider level multi-organization capability
  • Plugin support for administration services such as billing