GSoC 2023 – Candidate Review Begins

Each year the quality of the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) proposals increases and 2023 was no exception. Thank you all for your hard work and our mentors wish you good luck. We start the evaluations in earnest now.

We had 61 proposals this year:

  • Admin: UI Redesign – 10 applicants
  • Admin: Improved Event Management – 8 applicants
  • Mobile App: Improved Member Management and News Feed – 7 applicants
  • Admin: Improved People and Newsfeed Management – 6 applicants
  • Mobile App: Creating new features and refactoring existing features into Plugins – 6 applicants
  • Hybrid: Hybrid Innovation – 5 applicants
  • Mobile App: Share Data Between Talawa and Other Application Suites – 4 applicants
  • API: Multi-Tenancy – 2 applicants
  • General: Basic Functionality – 2 applicants
  • API: Improved Backend Performance and Security – 2 applicants
  • API and Mobile App: E2E encryption and security improvement in Talawa and Talawa-API – 2 applicants
  • Admin: Multi-Tenancy (Cloud) – 1 applicant

The rest of the proposals had either miscellaneous titles or were not related to the Talawa projects. Some will be considered as Hybrid projects.

The decisions will be tough. We will evaluate the proposals against all factors as objectively as possible so that the truly best ones will triumph. Thanks again.