STEM Skills Are Important

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills are in very high demand. According to Cisco systems:


Projected job growth for STEM careers is nearly double Non-STEM

Higher Pay

Top 10 highest paid careers are STEM careers


  • 60% of US job openings require STEM literacy
  • 42% require advanced STEM knowledge


The advance of the Internet of Things will increase the need for a STEM-ready workforce

We Focus on Software Engineering

Our mission focuses on software engineering as it is an expected skill in all STEM areas.

  • The barriers to using it are relatively low compared to other areas of the discipline such as electronic, electrical, civil and mechanical engineering.
  • Recent developments in software engineering have made participation in the field significantly easier than in the past with the increasing maturity of the Open Source movement.
  • Open source software is free to download, access, modify and use which significantly lowers the barriers to adoption encountered when working with traditional proprietary systems.
  • All the world’s largest websites actively use and contribute to the Open Source movement, and often require their new engineering employees to have in depth knowledge of its core projects.