Meet Our GCoC 2022 Participants

We are pleased to announce our GSoC 2022 participants! They will be working over the summer to add many needed features to our Talawa code base.

There were many good candidates and we had to make difficult choices. We encourage those who didn’t make it this time to try again in 2023. We are already starting to plan our projects!

Siddhesh Bhupendra Kukade

Siddhesh Bhupendra Kukade is a 2nd Year IT Student from PVGCOET Pune, India. He has also completed a Diploma degree in IT from Government Polytechnic, Nashik He currently works mainly with Javascript along with its libraries like ReactJS, NodeJS and Flutter Framework.

Apart from work, he likes to watch cartoons, comedy shows, etc. He is a very dedicated person and likes to solve problems in any way possible. He feels very grateful for being a part of the Palisadoes Foundation through the Google Summer of Code 2022 program.

Anwer Sayeed

I am Anwer Sayeed, a final year undergraduate student pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering at the National Institute of Technology Durgapur, West Bengal, India.

I am skilled in automation, algorithms, full-stack development and Machine Learning. I am running a coding community in my college as I like community work a lot.

I am really passionate about open-source and want to contribute my part to it. I believe in community work that’s why I want to play my role in these contributions.

This summer, I am working as a GSoC Mentee for the Palisadoes Foundation to automate the documentation for the talawa repositories.

Aside from academics and development, I enjoy travelling and interacting with people from diverse cultures and customs. I feel good, When I assist someone in need or address a problem that can impacts a larger section of society. I have a vision of making this world better and equal to all through technology and innovation.

Asmit Kumar Sirohi

Namaste, I am Asmit Kumar Sirohi. A pre-final year undergraduate at Quantum University, Roorkee, India, pursuing Computer Science and Engineering as my major. I am a Web Developer who enjoys developing apps that matter. I’m a core member of the technical club at my institute and maintain the club’s website as well as the institute’s resource management system.

I have been very passionate about open-source since my freshman year and contributed to many open source projects. This interest in open-source brought me to the GSoC. I explored many great open-source organizations and their projects and then I found The Palisadoes Foundation there. The Palisadoes Foundation is one of the most helpful and active organizations I encountered. The procedure of design docs and PR reviews gives insights into professional work. After talking to mentors, I was happy to choose The Palisadoes Foundation for my GSoC journey.

Priyanshu Gupta

Hey Everyone! I am a 3rd year student at the International Institute of Information Technology,

Bhubaneswar pursuing bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering branch. I am open to learning and doing work on new technologies with a keen interest in software development. I like to lead teams as I am a member of different tech societies of my college. I am continuously trying to improve and broaden my skills. I am proficient in C/C++, Javascript, React.js and Flutter/Dart. I also have good knowledge of Arch Linux and Visual Studio Code.

I am an open-source enthusiast and try to contribute to open-source whenever possible. I am selected in GSoC’22 for The Palisadoes Foundation which is a big achievement for me, as it would allow me to contribute to a big and ambitious project. My work involves adding Event and Venue Management systems along with notifications and deep linking the mobile application.

When I’m not writing code, I like to listen to songs, watch shows and play games (both video and outdoor).

Noman Khan

Hello,I am Md Noman Khan from India, I am in my Junior year and pursuing computer science engineering. I am an open source enthusiast and love to solve real life problems with my skills.I am a tech lover and flexible over various tech stacks , I like taking new initiatives and working in a team. My aim is to implement my knowledge in engineering and gain experience.