Meet Mentor Michael Lue

I am a Software Engineer working in the land of Wood and Water, where the sun doesn’t stop shining and reggae never stops playing.

How did it happen?

I started studying Electronics Engineering at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. While doing my thesis on Wireless Charging, from the initial stages of design to the implementation and testing phase, I begun to realize how much I disliked working with hardware, thus beginning my transition to software.

What do I like about software development?

Learning never stops, whether it be on the go, while I am sleeping or even when I am taking a shower, the numerous approaches there are to consider and to take in order to solve a problem as well as designing and implementing solutions to the issue is quite intriguing and astounding.

What are things I like and dislike?

There is only one thing i dislike with a passion and that is mosquitoes, they’re quite annoying. The things I like, however, are coding and fried chicken.