Our GSoC 2024 Participants

It is time to announce the participants for in The Palisadoes Foundation’s 2024 Google Summer of Code (GSoC)! We are very proud to announce the names of the 8 participants this year who will be funded by Google to work on our Talawa projects.

These recipients represent the very best of the many excellent proposals that we had to choose from. For those unfamiliar with the program, the Google Summer of Code brings together ambitious open source newcomers from around the world with open source developers by giving each mentoring organization funds to hire a set number of participants. These participants then write proposals, which they submit to a mentoring organization, in hopes of having their work funded.

There were many excellent proposals and the final selection was difficult. There were many worthy proposals and we could not select them all.

Congratulations to this group. We hope they and others will continue to contribute to the projects!

The hard work of our successful candidates has been rewarded. In no particular order they are:

  1. Aman Singh Chandel for “Improved File Uploads and Security”
  2. Disha Talreja for “Self Hosted Chat and Notification”
  3. Shekhar Patel for “Event Attendance – Talawa Admin”
  4. Glen Dsouza for “Hybrid: Volunteer management, tracking & leaderboard – Talawa Admin & Talawa Mobile”
  5. Meetul Rathore for “Tag Management System”
  6. Parag Gupta for “Enhancements for Talawa’s Event Plugin and new management feature for Talawa App”
  7. Shaik Mahammad Nabi Azad for “Offline Capability Enhancement – Talawa Mobile”
  8. Adarsh Tiwari for “Migration to postgreSQL and fixing code quality issues”

Our community will continue to work on making not only these but other project ideas viable. We all anxiously await the next steps.

Congratulations to the awardees, and those of you who helped build the foundations of a robust code base.