Meet Mentor Troy Anderson

Troy began volunteering with The Palisadoes Foundation in 2021 to support our Google Summer of Code (GSoC) students.

I am a Software Engineer at Digicel Group specializing in backend as well as cross platform mobile development and was a primary contributor in the development of the MyDigicel App. My primary role in GSOC entails planning and code reviews for the Talawa mobile app to ensure the code remains maintainable, testable and readable during it’s lifecycle.
Having had mentors not only during school but also throughout my professional career,
GSOC is my way of paying those favors forward; empowering those whose position I was once in. The journey of learning never ends and I am happy to say I learn as much from students as they do from me; I believe that’s what GSOC and mentoring in general is all about.
Outside of work I enjoy traveling, cooking and the occasional amateur photography