Meet Sumitra Saksham

Sumitra is one of our 2021 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) students working on our Talawa project. He started participating in March, and was formally accepted as a GSoC student in May. He has been collaborating with other students and mentors on his various GitHub pull requests for Talawa and the Talawa API backend.

Welcome Sumitra!

I am Sumitra, a graduate student from the Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad. I have completed my bachelors in Petroleum Engineering. During my pre-final year of college, I was introduced to backend development in Nodejs and GraphQL for an Order Management System. Since then, I have devoted myself to technology. I love to dig deep into problems and solve them with technology. My specialities include problem-solving, app optimization, user interface design, user experience design, database design, continuous integration, and continuous delivery of code. I was selected as one of the Student Software developers in GSoC 2021 to contribute to Talawa App and Talawa Backend (the project under palisadoes foundation). This is the first time I am working for an open-source organization. The amount of growth that I witness here has been phenomenal. I began to ask myself many questions related to scalability, project structure, database design, encryption, and clean code, which helped me grow my knowledge base. My intention in life has always been to build something people love. I am sure that the work we are doing here will help the community to grow and make this world a better place.