Meet Rutvik Chandla

Rutvik is one of our 2021 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) students working on our Talawa project. He started participating in March, and was formally accepted as a GSoC student in May. He has been collaborating with other students and mentors on his various GitHub pull requests.

Welcome Rutvik!

Hi✋, I’m Rutvik Chandla, Computer engineering student from Gujarat, India.
I love to design new products and code them to reality. UI/UX and mobile development are my major interests. Started my development journey with Android. I’ve been working on Flutter for a few years.I’ve also dipped my toes into web-development with VUE JS.

The Thing which excites me the most is to solve or make things more efficient for day-to-day problems. Development is a way to solve those problems. Open source is always a fascination for me, I’ve contributed to few organizations and gratefully got a chance to work with the Palisadoes Organization in GSOC 21. Till now it has been a great learning experience from the mentors and building the Talawa project.

Hope to have a great journey ahead✨.