Palisadoes Selected for the GitHub Externship – Summer 2021 Cohort

Santa Clara, CA – May 6, 2021: The Palisadoes Foundation has been selected to participate as an open source organization by the GitHub Externship run by GitHub India.

The GitHub Externship is a 90-day fellowship program for third or pre-final year students of GitHub India’s Campus Partner schools. The initiative provides hands-on, collaborative, remote learning with practical experience under the guidance of expert mentors.

Students get to select from a vast variety of Open Source projects managed by various organizations. They get paired with a mentor from participating organizations who will handhold them and review their work on a regular basis.

The program offers many advantages for the many expected participants.

  • On-the-job opportunities to work on real-world technology challenges.
  • Learning best practices under the guidance of tech leaders from the industry.
  • Live projects to showcase resumes.
  • Attractive stipends.

The Palisadoes Foundation’s participation builds on our successful application to this year’s Google Summer of Code program.

Our selection exemplifies the faith placed in the quality of our work by the international open-source community. GitHub, and it’s parent Microsoft, have proven their commitment to supporting software engineering talent around the world. We are proud to the a part of this movement. It is a great honor.

Peter Harrison, President, The Palisadoes Foundation

The Palisadoes foundation looks forward to continuing this partnership with Github India in promoting open source software collaboration around the world.

About the Talawa Projects

For the past four years we have focused on creating a mobile app to help community organizations like ourselves better manage their membership. We felt these organizations often faced similar challenges with the project management of events and keeping track of volunteer abilities, roles and responsibilities with a social media component.

The mobile app is useful for any community-based organization such as clubs, small religious institutions, neighborhood groups, and volunteer associations.

About GitHub India

GitHub India was created in 2020 to support the third-largest number of active developers on GitHub that was growing 22 percent annually. GitHub supports 73+ million software developers, 4+ million organizations, 200+ million software repositories and is used by 84% of the Fortune 100.

About the Palisadoes Foundation

Since 2016, The Palisadoes Foundation has been assisting STEM students to become globally competitive in software engineering. Palisadoes does this by providing new avenues to promote STEM education for university students in under-served communities. The Foundation uses a series of programs aimed at creating increased awareness of their abilities in the global marketplace.