Shannon Henry – 2020 Calico Challenge Participant

We feature Shannon Henry one of our 2020 Calico Challenge participants.

My name is Shannon Henry. I am currently a third-year student at the University of Technology, Jamaica, majoring in Computer Science. I was accepted into the Calico challenge in May 2020.  I chose to apply as I relish the challenge that this job has to offer. It is also timely as I am aim to gaining additional experience in the field, since my graduation date was fast approaching. Through research, I found that this program was the best option for me to apply what I have learned in my courses, gain first-hand experience, tackle challenges and make a substantial impact on the project I was given the opportunity to work on.

I have a wide range of interests, mainly, Cyber security, independent game development, and learning new languages. Thus, applying for the Calico challenge was a step in the right direction, in facilitating said interests. Ultimately, I plan to pursue a career in cyber security or digital forensics, and I am currently pursuing certifications in both fields.

Beyond programming, I enjoy exploring my country, playing video games, watching anime, and reading novels and manga.

Finally, even though I am currently focused on programming, being a risk taker, I see my passion in technology leading me to Japan, which is experiencing a rise in the Cyber security field, to furthermore expand my knowledge in the field whilst fulfilling my dream of not only living in Japan but doing a job a love.