Can you Market a Nonprofit on Social Media?

The Palisadoes Foundation was conceived by a group of Jamaican technology professionals interested in assisting in the continued development new and existing technologies in Jamaica. We know Jamaica can produce world class software engineers and have been proving this in our outreach activities since 2014. A signature program of our nonprofit is the annual Calico Challenge where software engineering students in Jamaican universities are awarded an internship to work on open source projects over the summer under the guidance of an industry mentor. Students are paid a stipend based on the achievement of predefined goals. To date over 18 students have graduated.

Even with our success, our public awareness and donation base needs to be improved. Our presence on our website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram needs to be more effectively used to target persons interested in our philanthropic goals. We are seeking a part-time contractor to assist us in creating and implementing the marketing campaigns to do this.

The person will need to present a plan that outlines:

  • Recommended approaches to improve our existing portfolio of social media properties.
  • Strategies to be used for each type of social media platform based on the audience each attracts.
  • The appropriate use and creation of audio, video and still images
  • Expected quarterly targets for success based on either experience or data found on the web. This would include, but not necessarily limited to, the numbers of followers and inbound donation dollar amounts.
  • The categorizations of posts for each platform. We have seen where tailored combinations of industry, technical, career and fun categories of posts are required for success on each platform.
  • Social media calendars with weekly targets for posts for each identified category
  • Ways to attract influencers to the cause
  • Maintaining private and public donor relationships
  • The sources to be used in re-posting the content on social media.
  • A reevaluation of our blogging strategy to see if there may be ways to make the content more engaging, if at all.
  • Methods to create a steady stream Jamaican imagery of software engineering students and professionals for use in our posts with targets.
  • Possible new approaches to email. We have a general monthly newsletter. We are open to having more targeted email audiences.
  • Promoting opinion pieces found on the Internet related to the Foundation’s work
  • Ways to better use our LinkedIn company page and interest group with over 800 members.

The person will need to be based in the Kinston corporate area of Jamaica. Please contact us though our website if you are interested in making a proposal.