Calico Challenge 2017 – Final Presentations

Our 2017 graduating students are (Left – Right, Top – Bottom): Alex Leslie, Jhamali Vassell, Luke Chen Shui, Matthew Stone, Shanielle Williams, and Xavier Bryson.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what our Calico has been doing over the summer, you can now find out for yourself right here. All our 2017 Calico Challenge participants have submitted their final project reports for all to see. They show the positive impact of your Palisadoes Foundation contributions. Together we can make Jamaica’s IT industry globally competitive in previously unexplored areas.


Jhamali Vassell – Project DoRoad

DoRoad is a mobile app for Jamaican taxi drivers. Jhamali collaborated with the OneStop project team who contributed code for a companion application for taxi customers. The app is planned to be tested on the UWI shuttle bus system. Read more here: Jhamali Vassell – DoRoad – Calico Powerpoint.


Luke Chen Shui – Project Infoset-NG

Luke has successfully completed two years as a Calico participant. He worked on the Infoset-NG project which is used to collect and store data sent to it from various types of computer devices. It is useful in providing data that can be used to chart the performance of equipment which is valuable for computer systems administrators. Read more here: Luke Chen Shui – Infoset – Final Presentation


Xavier Bryson – Project Material-UI

Material-UI provides tools to help mobile app developers with the design and presentation of new features.  Xavier worked with Jamaican diaspora IT professionals Neil and Craig Gabbadon who use Material-UI in their business at Informant Tech. This is the second year that Neil and Craig have been Calico Challenge mentors. Read more here: Xavier Bryson – Material UI


Shanielle Williams – Project Swift

Shanielle is the current President of the UWI Computing Society. The UWI Computing Society has been a keen participant in the Calico Challenge from its inception. She worked with mentors Michael Dann and Che-Andre Gordon from Real Decoy on a mobile app to assist UWI students in finding classrooms on campus based on their current GPS location. The app used the Swift programming framework that is often used in iPhone app development. Read more here: Shanielle Williams – The Swift Experience


Matthew Stone – Project Aty

Matthew worked under the guidance of Alex Nicholson, a past Calico Challenge participant, to create Aty a Twitter app that specializes in promoting content created in Jamaica or by Jamaicans. He experimented with machine learning and GPS location tools to filter the news feeds. Matthew is the immediate past president of the UWI Computing Society. Read more here: Matthew Stone – Aty


Alex Leslie – Project JResume

Resume writing is always a challenge and Alex decided to create an online resume building tool that helps with the process. JResume is an open source project created by UTech students to make job searches much easier. Read more here: Alex Leslie – JResume – Final Presentation



About the Calico Challenge
The Calico Challenge is an annual event where Jamaican university students work on large scale open source software projects with a Jamaican flavor. They are assigned a mentor and are provided with a stipend upon meeting predefined project goals.

Calico was conceived by The Palisadoes Foundation in conjunction with the Jamaica Diaspora Technology Task Force. There has been close technical collaboration between the Foundation; the University of the West Indies (UWI) Department of Computing, Mona; the School of Computing and Information Technology, University of Technology, Jamaica; the UWI Computing Society; and the University of Technology IEEE Students Branch.

About the Palisadoes Foundation
The California based Palisadoes Foundation aims to provide new avenues to promote Jamaica’s technology businesses and talent using a series of programs aimed at creating increased awareness of the island’s abilities in the global marketplace.