Photos From the 2016 Project Calico Launch

Here are our photos from the 2016 Project Calico launch. There was a great deal of interest with peak attendance being between 120 to 150 students. The agenda included:

  • Radcliffe Robinson, UWI Student: The Google Summer of Code 2016
  • Peter Harrison, President, The Palisadoes Foundation: Project Calico 2016
  • Otto Akama, Krys Nuvadga; Google Summer of Code Participants, Cameroon: Experiences and Advice on the Google Summer of Code.
  • David Bain, CEO Alteroo: Real Jamaican Experiences and Advice on the Google Summer of Code
  • Cat Allman, Stephanie Taylor; Google Program Managers: Google Summer of Code Talk

Our photos tell more of the story. Take a look!


Project Calico Launch, 2016

Project Calico was launched on February 18, 2016 at the UWI Computing Lecture Theater. Here are photos of the presenters, the organizing student committee and the attendees.


Radcliffe Robinson, UWI Student, giving his presentation on the Google Summer of Code


Peter Harrison, President of The Palisadoes Foundation outlining Project Calico for 2016



David Bain presenting on his experiences with the Google Summer of Code



Cat Allman from Google talking to students about Google Summer of Code.



(L to R) Alex Nicholson, Public Relations Officer, UWI Mona Computing Society; Shane Richards, President, UWI Mona Computing Society; Jordan Jones, Head of the UTech IEEE Student Branch.

The UWI and UTech Attendees