Dominic Henry – 2020 Calico Challenge Participant

We feature Dominic Henry one of our 2020 Calico Challenge participants.

I am Dominic Henry, who is currently an Undergraduate Computer Science student at the University of the West Indies, Mona. Currently also a proud graduate of the excellent Wolmer’s Boys’ Highschool in which I completed 7 years.

I am a proud participant of the Calico Programme for Summer 2020, where I will be making contributions to the Pattoo project. I chose this project due to it’s technical nature and the depth of knowledge that it requires. These criteria helped me to choose this project as I excel in and love complex problems. The main goal of contributing to this project is to utilize concepts that I’ve learned during my time at UWI, as well as, to also broaden my field of knowledge in the scope of producing production ready software.

In my spare time I spend a lot of time reading and watching informative resources. This is especially important to me as I love to make informed decisions and have well formulated opinions on a given topic. I also spend a lot of my time managing my finances and increasing my knowledge on how to effectively invest and grow wealth.

My goals and aspirations beyond Calico and University is to be an innovator of sorts, and to push the Jamaican science and technological landscape. I would like to achieve through entrepreneurial ventures and scientific research.