The Calico Challenge

A Palisadoes project sponsoring student internships in software development for Jamaican residents.
Jointly managed by the UWI Computing Society, and the UTech IEEE Student Branch.
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We work with educational organizations to get students interested in software development


Students collaborate on open source software projects with a Jamaican flavor


Your contributions, and our volunteers help create new opportunities in Jamaica

Sponsoring Partners

We’d like to thank these companies who have taken the lead in promoting Jamaica’s software engineering talent.
Contact us if you’d like to join as a sponsor.


We’d like to thank our many partners for their support.

Organizational Partners

These organizations have been a part of the Palisadoes Project since inception.

Jamaica Diaspora Technology Task Force

The Palisadoes Project was conceived by the the Jamaica Diaspora Technology Task Force is a group of expatriate Jamaicans interested in assisting in the continued development of new and existing technologies in Jamaica.

UWI MonaComputing Society

The vision for this society is to become a launching pad for the development and exposure of the computing students of the University of the West Indies, with particular focus on undergraduate students.

This Society is also envisioned to be a medium by which the university population and the wider society may become more computer literate as well as educated in the efficient use of ICT in the industry and the wider society.

IEEE Student Branch,
University of Technology

Like the IEEE, the branch’s core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. It is the first IEEE student branch to be registered in Jamaica and meets regularly to develop the young minds that will create a better Jamaica.

Software Engineering Advisors

Palisadoes also receives direction from a core team of engineers with experience in very large scale software deployments.

Kamilah Taylor
Senior Software Engineer, LinkedIn

Sheldon Logan
Software Engineer, Google

Andrew Russell
Electrical Engineer, Google

Tali Gutman
Software Engineer, Google

Mike Treaster
Software Engineer

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