Dimitri Johnson – 2019 Calico Challenge Participant

Today we feature Dimitri Johnson one of our 2019 Calico Challenge participants.

I’m Dimitri Johnson, from St. Catherine in Jamaica. My Alma Mater Glenmuir High school was where I first got a feel for Computer Science. If i’m being honest it left a bad taste in my mouth the time round. That’s explains why i spent my first two years of university studying industrial engineering. At the end of those two years though i had something of an epiphany and I am now a proud student of computing at the University of the West Indies. I could write a lot about the inadequacies of Jamaica’s education system, and at one point i would have, but I’m of the opinion that it the responsibility to improve it lies with us, the students.

My current interests include the field of machine learning and AI. My hope is gain the expertise to then use this technology to improve my country’s economic situation. And this is likely the the best time to be entering the industry, taking into consideration the recent advancements that have been and continue being made frequently. And also to apply my skills wherever possible that can be of great impact.