Phillip Llewellyn – 2019 Calico Challenge Participant

Today we feature Phillip Llewellyn one of our 2019 Calico Challenge participants.

Phillip Llewellyn Biography. My name is Phillip Llewellyn. I am a first-year student of the University of the West Indies, Mona pursuing my Bachelor of science degree in Computer Science. I am a past student of the Calabar High. I was intrigued by computers and technology ever since I was young. However, my first step in achieving my dream was made in grade 9 when I started to teach myself the C language. Currently, I am 20 years-old growing software developer with a passion for technology and innovation. I am inquisitive about learning and trying new ideas and methods. My passion for software developing is fueled by its inventive potential without being super rigorous and ability to be done by anyone. One of my biggest dreams is to ultimately create the world leading software development company based in Jamaica. It would develop software that is accessible and useful for young developers and businesses.

Additionally, I would like to venture into robotics and artificial intelligence. Otherwise from the negative connotations, I believe that robotics although not new with the help of artificial intelligence would play a vital role in our future. I believe instead of being a replacement, it should be more of an assistant to help us humans in areas we may fall. I coached the Calabar robotics as well as the Jamaican National robotics team in 2018 and 2019 and was a member of the National Team in 2017. These experiences taught me many valuable lessons and enlighten my views on the usefulness of robotics. AI and Robotics are getting better every year and I will try to keep myself up to speed while pulling the younger ones with me. Eventually being able to reduce the casualties experienced by workers who risk their lives every day.

Most of all I believe Open sourcing is utmost important. I was introduced to contributing to open source through working with Drupal, and from ever since I had liked it. Otherwise from helping to create a free software or getting access without paying a cent, the chance to be able to contribute to something big no matter how small your help gives a surreal feeling. I was selected to be one of the interns for the 2019 Palisadoes Calico and I am grateful for the opportunity. I am excited to be able to help all summer on a project that may become useful for someone, maybe for the next big Google.