Matthew Patterson – 2019 Calico Challenge Participant

Today we feature Matthew Patterson one of our 2019 Calico Challenge participants.

My name is Matthew Andrew Oswald Patterson. I attended St. George’s College and I am now pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the University of The West Indies (UWI) Mona. I applied to the Calico program so that I can receive guidance as to how to approach and contribute to open source projects. Time didn’t allow me to do it before. Whether this is an excuse or not, throwing myself in the deep end or doing it alone, without mentorship were not grand ideas to me. Thus, Calico presented the perfect opportunity to capitalize this aspiration.

I am predominantly interested in animation, literature, storytelling and all strains of technology. Ultimately, I would like to become a game developer, or a major contributor to new game releases, as well as, an author. I am a very dynamic and unstructured person; I am still amazed that I have reached this far. However, my pride and dreams continue to propel me further in the field of Computer Science, along with the motivations of my loved ones. The opportunity to learn new things, refine and expand my skillset is amazingly fun and invaluable, especially when combined with the opportunity to meet and network with new people, who are doing great things. I would wish such a blessing for even my worst enemy. What is competition when one side is incompetent?