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Many corporations and individuals have contributed to the success of the Calico Challenge. Here is a representative list. Interviews We periodically interview our sponsors. Here is a short list of our most popular ones. Robert Simpson, Restaurateur Stacy Hines, President of the Jamaica Computer Society Geoff Waddington, CEO, RealDecoy


The Calico Challenge is a Palisadoes program that offers stipends to student developers to write software code for various open source software projects. It allows students to publicly show the quality of their work. Our projects are advanced. A majority of participants are enrolled in university or college Computer Science and Computer Engineering programs. What … Read more Calico


Students need STEM skills to succeed.We provide them. We know creative, talented computer science students. We give them the real world experience they need, so they can get the opportunities they deserve. Supporting our specialized, unique internship program means giving them the chance to make the next life changing software application. Your donation will make … Read more Donate

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