Welcome GSoC students to our Talawa ideas page!

The Palisadoes Foundation has been sponsoring work on this open-source project for a number of years. We hope to launch it in alpha at the end of the summer. Here is what you can do to help.

About Talawa

Talawa is a modular open source project to help community-based organizations such as clubs, neighborhood groups, volunteer associations, non-profits and small religious institutions manage their daily activities. Most user interaction is via a mobile app.

Here are some notable Talawa features:

  • All members of the community can participate in the newsfeed.
  • Community members can be invited to calendar events and be assigned roles, responsibilities and deadlines.
  • Members signed up for events are automatically included in a group chat to help build the community.
  • Rooms, halls and facilities should be able to be reserved using the app.

We know many other features can be added, and that’s why we created this page. Here are some currently known shortcomings.

Interesting Ideas

Our ideas page has moved to our project documentation site.